About Us


Welcome to White Sparrow Farmacy – a journey that began with a dream farmhouse in Idaho and has blossomed into a commitment to a healthier, more traditional lifestyle.

In 2017, we embarked on the adventure of building our dream Idaho Farmhouse. We chronicled our journey on @whitesparrowfarm on Instagram, sharing the intricacies of our build, our designs, and the beautiful tapestry of life on the farm. This endeavor opened doors for us, leading to the renovation of a 1890 general store, which we transformed into The White Sparrow Country Store in Idaho.

As we delved deeper into farm life, a shift towards a more traditional lifestyle mentality began. We cultivated a garden, embraced raw milk, baked our own sourdough bread, and embraced a diet of all organic foods. The impact on our health was profound, sparking a realization that what we put into our bodies matters immensely.

We had an epiphany one day – the products applied to our skin can have as significant an impact as the foods we consume. Everything absorbed into our bodies through our skin can either enhance our health or pose harm, depending on the ingredients. Reading labels revealed an unsettling truth – many skincare and hair care products, deodorants, and perfumes contained harmful substances like parabens, phthalates, petroleum, aluminum, and formaldehyde.

It was a paradox; striving for a healthy lifestyle while unknowingly exposing our skin to toxins. Determined to make a change, we decided to be vigilant about everything entering our bodies, whether through diet or skin absorption. This journey uncovered a disheartening reality – even supposedly "healthy" companies incorporated fragrances, dyes, and non-organic ingredients in their products.

That pivotal moment fueled the inception of our own skincare company – White Sparrow Farmacy. Committed to purity and health, we use all-natural, all-organic ingredients. The name "Farmacy" encapsulates our journey – rooted in a farm, embracing a traditional skincare mindset, and providing our skin with the essential nutrients and vitamins it deserves to flourish.

Join us in this holistic approach to wellness, where we redefine skincare with products that nourish, replenish, and celebrate the beauty of natural, organic ingredients. Welcome to White Sparrow Farmacy – where nature meets nurture, and your skin thrives in the embrace of purity.